All Dogs exhibit certain unwanted behaviors that can be contributed through either being

" Rooted - Genetics - Man made"

Although 85% of behavioral issues can be corrected or modified through proper professional obedience training, the 15% that remains can not be. When the 15% is present that's when we at the Canine Behavioral Diagnostics come in play.

The importance of real professional training, helps in the re shifting of the hierarchy in the family. The dog that thought was boss, will find themselves going down the totem pole. Re shifting the power to the owners.

Whatever behaviors your dog has or exhibits, will be diagnosed by a team of professionals.

We are the specialist when it comes to Behavioral Diagnostics.

Unwanted behaviors that are hard to correct or modify through proper professional obedience training are effected by certain aspects related to one or several combined of the 7 listed contributing factors below.

Instinctual, Habituation, Associated learning, Imprinting, Observation learning, Imitation, Development

What a dog experiences during the early stages of development or during its life can result in certain unwanted behaviors.
The resulting behavior that the animal will eventually exhibit will be either positive or negative, depending upon the experiences it has lived through.

We are also a canine behavioral teaching school, for those that want to learn and understand behavior in depth.




Not all behavior can be corrected or modified it all depends

Data Collection - Analysis - Treatment - Options

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